Lexschool Certified Compliance Professional

About Certified Compliance Professional

  • The Lexschool Legal Leaders Fellowship Program is an intensive six-month post-graduate program to nurture legal professionals who will raise the bar of the profession
  • Top 30 industry leaders  (as Founder Mentors) and senior academicians from across the country are coming together to radically change the way we train law graduates for a high impact career
  • The Program will bring out the best legal professionals who under the able guidance of industry leaders will immensely contribute to the industry and fraternity
  • The online classes shall be take by professionals aiming at moving away from the traditional education system and focusing more on skills.
  • The Program will be a “Never Before” program as we : – Don’t teach provision by provision of laws but instead practical implementation of laws
    – Are a strong pool of reputed professionals having immense knowledge in our chosen areas of expertise
    – Understand the gap between academics and industry
    – Mentor students to reach their potential
  • Online guest sessions by Founder Mentors – The learning shall be supplemented by valuable learnings that come only from experience and expertise of the seasoned Mentors.
  • Internships – If no previous work experience
  • 2 days Valedictory interactive meet with all the Founder Mentors


Who shall conduct the online classes??

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­ Legal Heads & Company Secretaries of top organisations

­ Professors who are teaching law in reputed law collages

­ Compliance professionals who have practical experience


Syllabus for Lexschool Legal Leaders Fellowship Program (LLFP)

Learn applicability of important laws applicable to any corporate
Understand these laws in detail and its implementation aspects
Learn each and every compliance from these laws in detail▪Various Licenses & permissions required by corporates
▪ Periodic compliances (Returns & fillings etc.)
▪ Ongoing compliances
▪ Event based compliances etc. 

  • Learn the concept and drivers of corporate legal compliance management
  • Learn how to capture compliances from bare acts
  • Learn how to track and capture legal updates
  • Learn implementation & practical aspects of important compliances
  • Learn how to design compliance programs for organisations
  • Learn how the global IT enabled compliance management systems are designed for organisations
  • Learn obligations of board of directors in compliance management
  • Learn expectations of board of directors from compliance managers and how you can meet those expectations
  • Learn expectations of board of directors from compliance systems and how they are addressed
  • Learn how to implement effective compliance systems for organisations
  • Learn importance aspects of litigation management in corporates
  • Learn important litigation areas for corporates
  • Learn important aspects in reducing corporate litigations
  • Learn how to make standard templates
  • Learn how to design and implement litigation management systems for corporates
  • Learn Laws relating to Arbitration & Conciliation
  • Key aspects of Amendment Act, 2019, Dimensions of Arbitration Clauses in Commercial Transactions, ADR methods and practical aspects of conducting Arbitration, Execution of Arbitral Awards/ Appeal, Fast Track Arbitration, Practical insights on drafting
  • Learn how to effectively handle and resolve Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies
  • Overview of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013
    Learn Employer’s obligations
  • Learn ICC formation
  • Learn role and responsibilities of ICC
  • Learn how to develop safe and secured mechanism to register complaints
  • Importance of training and awareness
  • Learn how to develop training program
  • Learn how to file annual return under this Act
  • Learn Laws related to IPR
  • Learn important aspects of Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Design and other IPRs
  • Learn how to conduct awareness about creating IP amongst employees of the organisation
  • Learn about IPR Infringement and enforcement Mechanism
  • Learn how Intellectual Property Assets are management
  • Learn Brand Protection strategies
  • Learn about designing and implementing IPR management system for organisation
  • Learn about IPR litigations
  • Learn Indian legal Framework on Data Protection laws and Privacy, Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill 2019,
  • Learn about European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Data Protection and the corporate sector
  • Learn data protection laws for top 10 countries
  • Learn important compliances under these laws from corporate perspective
  • Learn how Data Protection laws are implemented
  • Learn how to do training and awareness about data protection laws amongst employees of the organisation
  • Learn how to identify important policies required for any organisation
  • Learn drafting of various important policies like Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Whistle Blower, Ethics, Social Media Usage, Diversity and Inclusion etc
  • Learn requirement of Whistle Blower mechanism for corporates
  • Learn how to design policies and procedures
  • Learn how to design and implement effective Whistle Blower mechanism
  • Basics revisited
  • Learn Procedure and Formats, Model Timelines and Filing of Forms
  • Overview and Introduction
  • Learn types of Due Diligence
    ▪ Financial Due diligence
    ▪ Tax Diligence
    ▪ Legal Due Diligence
    ▪ Commercial or Business Diligence – including operations, IT systems, IPRs; Human Resources Due Diligence; Due Diligence for Merger; Amalgamation; Slump Sale; Takeover; Issue of Securities; Depository Receipts; Competition Law Due Diligence; Labour Laws Due Diligence; Due Diligence Report for Bank; FEMA Due Diligence; FCRA Due Diligence; Techniques of Due Diligence and Risk Assessment; Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Learn about handling online Due Diligence
  • Learn about Virtual Data rooms used to share documents for Due Diligence
  • Learn what is GRC
  • Learn how GRC program is designed for corporates
  • Learn role of Legal Managers in GRC program
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